Linux 3.17 rc4

For a short while there, this week was really nice and calm, but that
was mostly because the "linux-foundation.org" entry fell off the DNS
universe, and my mailbox got very quiet for a few hours. The rest of
the week looked pretty normal.

"Pretty normal" isn't bad, though, and I'm not complaining. There is
nothing particularly big or scary going on - we had a quick scare
about a stupid compat layer bug, but it seems to have been just a
false positive and resulted in some added commentary rather than any
real code changes.

The diffstat is pretty reasonable, and it's fairly spread out. We have
the usual arch and driver updates, but there's actually more changes
under fs/ than under either of those. That's largely due to just a
late f2fs update, which I decided I couldn't be bothered to get too
upset about, most of it being pretty clear-cut fixes, with just a few
cleanups mixed in.

And really, if the f2fs changes look biggish, it's mostly because the
rest is pretty small.

Let's hope it all stays calm. I do note that neither Greg nor Davem
ended up sending me anything for rc4, which is probably the _real_
reason why it's pretty calm and small.


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