Linux 3.17 rc6

It's been quiet - enough so that coupled with my upcoming travel, this
might just be the last -rc, and final 3.17 might be next weekend.

Of course, that still depends on what happens - if we have something
scary coming up next week, I may have to delay things. But as it looks
right now, we're all good to go.

The shortlog is appended, but the view from ten thousand feet is
pretty normal: a bit more than half is drivers (gpu, sound, iio,
media, usb), just under a third is arch updates (arm, mips, x86), and
the rest is mainly filesystem updates (gfs2, cifs, btrfs, nfs).

Nothing particular stands out, and I'm not aware of any big pending
issues either. So please go out and test, because this *should* all be
pretty close to release.