Linux 3.17 rc7 – yes, another rc

So I was really hoping that I could have left rc6 as the last rc and
just releasing 3.17 today, but that was not to be. It's not that
anything particularly scary happened, but quite frankly, things just
didn't calm down as I hoped for.

And while my travel schedule would have made it really nice had I been
able to just do a shorter-than-usual release, "convenience" isn't
really part of the release criteria. Oh well.

This will likely mean that (barring unforseen circumstances) next
weekend sees the 3.17 release, and then due to travel, I probably will
just delay opening the merge window by a week after that.

And I'll be very grumpy if people send me pull requests that I deem
inappropriate at this point. I don't think that much of rc7 ended up
being "spurious", but I do get the feeling that there were people who
had delayed until the last minute that accounts for some of the "not
enough slowdown". If I get that feeling next week, I'll be my usual
impolite self, and probably decide that you missed your chance.

Anyway. Back to rc7. There's stuff all over here. The i2c part of the
patches stands out a bit because of some code movement, but apart from
that the diffstat looks pretty calm. About 60% drivers, with the rest
being a mix of documentation, arch, filesystem and networking. Nothing
really particularly stands out, but it is just bigger than I was happy
with doing a release without another rc.