Linux 3.6 rc7

Ho humm. I really *really* want to say that this is the last -rc, but
we do have a few small things pending still. So who knows. There may
be a -rc8, we'll just have to see.

That said, nothing here looks really bad. You can get a fairly good
feel for the flavor of fixes form the appended shortlog, and most of
it really is very tiny - oneliners and "fewliners". Nothing really
looks scary, although the powernow-k8/workqueue changes are pretty
core (but fix a bug and actually clean stuff up). I think the biggest
patch is there is an s390 page table walking fix, and even that isn't
really all that big.

So if everything works out well, and the upcoming week is calmer
still, I suspect I can avoid another -rc. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, see below. Most of this is in drivers (net, gpu, infiniband,
block..), architecture code (s390 and x86) and misc (xfs, workqueue,

It should all be pretty safe to test, so if you have held off because
you're nervous about rc's, please don't. The more testing we get, the