Linux 3.7 rc6

Slightly less than a week, but since I'm leaving for vacation
tomorrow, here it is.

Things have continued to be pretty calm. We have a few more commits
here than there were in -rc5, but not enough to make me worry, and
most of the changes really tend to be tiny. And the few commits that
aren't one-liners (or "few-liners") tend to be reverts (eg
re-introducing /proc/<pid>/oom_adj) or some pretty obscure stuff (the
MIPS irqflags functions).

So we've got some arch updates (mainly mips and unicore32, with a
smattering of arm[64] and s390) and driver changes (sound, net, usb).
Along with some networking and mm fixes.

The appended shortlog gives a flavor of the kinds of things that
happened, it's really not all that exciting, but it's short enough to
be easy to read through to get some kind of idea.

I'll have a laptop with me as I'm away, but if things calm down even
further, I'll be happy. I'll do an -rc7, but considering how calm
things have been, I suspect that's the last -rc. Unless something
dramatic happens.