Linux 3.9 rc5

Another week, another -rc.

I'm like the US postal office - "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor
gloom of night"  will keep me from doing weekly -rc releases. A little
holiday like Easter? Bah, humbug. It might delay the release email a
few hours because a man gotta stuff himself with odd seasonal desserts
(and the Finnish Easter desserts are odder than most), but it won't
stop the inevitable progress towards a final 3.9 release.

So there it is. A shiny new release candidate, just waiting for testing.

Nothing really peculiar stands out. Exynos DRM updates, IBM RamSan
driver updates are a bit larger, l2tp update... The rest is pretty
much small patches spread out all over. Mostly drivers (block, net,
media, tty, usb), networking, and some filesystem updates (btrfs,
nfs). Some arch updates (x86, arc).

Things seem to be calming down a bit, and everything seems largely on
track for a 3.9 release in a few weeks.