Linux 4.1 rc7

Another Sunday, another rc release.

Normally rc7 tends to be the last rc release, and there's not a lot
going on to really merit anything else this time around. However, we
do still have some pending regressions, and as mentioned last week I
also have my yearly family vacation coming up, so we'll have an rc8
and an extra week before 4.1 actually gets released.

It's been quieting down nicely, though, and rc7 is certainly worth
testing out to verify that it all works for you. Because this is
pretty darn close to final, and it should be safe to test. The changes
that have come in the last week are all pretty small, the appended
shortlog should give you a flavor of what's going on. A lot of it is
one-liners, with a few slightly bigger patches to some architecture
files (x86 perf constraints, some sparc updates) and staging drivers.