Linux 4.10 rc4

Things are still looking fairly normal, and this is the usual weekly
Sunday rc release. We're up to rc4, and people are clearly starting to
find the regressions. Good, good.

it's a slightly more random collection of fixes from last week: the
bulk of it is still drivers (gpu, net, sound, usb stand out), and
there's the usual architecture work (but mostly just x86 this time
around), but there's a fair amount of fixes all over. Filesystems
(xfs, btrfs, some core vfs), tooling (mostly perf), core mm,
networking etc etc.

This is also the point where I start hoping that the rc's start
shrinking. We'll see how the tiny rc2 affects things - this may
technically be rc4, but with that one almost dead week, it feels like
rc3. But I'm crossing my fingers that we'll have less next week.

Regardless, go out and test. This was not a huge merge window, I think
we're in pretty good shape for people to dive in..