Linux 4.11 rc4

So last week, I said that I was hoping that rc3 was the point where
we’d start to shrink the rc’s, and yes, rc4 is smaller than rc3. By a
tiny tiny smidgen.  It does touch a few more files, but it has a
couple fewer commits, and fewer lines changed overall.  But on the
whole the two are almost identical in size.

Which isn’t actually all that bad, considering that rc4 has both a
networking merge and the usual driver suspects from Greg, _and_ some
drm fixes – and those tend to be the big areas.

So on the whole things look fine. There’s changes all over, and in
mostly the usual proportions. Some core kernel code shows up in the
diffstat slightly more than it usually does – we had an audit fix and
a bpf hashmap fix, but on the whole it all looks very regular: mostly
drivers, networking, arch fixes and some filesystem noise. Shortlog
appended as usual for people who want to skim the details.

Go out and test,