Linux 4.11 rc5

Ok, things have definitely started to calm down, let's hope it stays
this way and it wasn't just a fluke this week.

Things look fairly normal, with just under 60% of the changes in
drivers (edac, sound, block, pci, etc), and about 30% in arch updates
(some misc ptrace fixes, random stuff).

The only slightly unusual thing is how over half the arch updates are
for parisc, but that's just a temporary oddity from the fix to the
parisc user copy routines, which resulted in a fairly big patch (due
to them just being written as regular assembler code rather than as a
broken mess of inline assembly with some C mixed in).

The rest is a random mix of some filesystem fixes (nfs[d], btrfs),
with some misc core kernel and mm fixes thrown in.

Shortlog appended for people who like just skimming the details. It's
not big, just scroll down through it.