Linux 4.12 rc3

Hey, things continue to look good, and rc3 isn't even very big. I'm
hoping there's not another shoe about to drop, but so far this really
feels like a nice calm release cycle, despite the size of the merge

Knock wood.

Anyway, rc3 has a little bit of everything. The biggest single change
is actually just a documentation update (the intel pstate docs were
converted to rst format), so the diffstat actually looks a bit odd
with a wuarter just being documentation. There's also some tooling
updates (perf and some bpf selftest).

But if you ignore those two pieces, it looks pretty normal: two thirds
of it being drivers (gpu, nvme, scsi, tty, block), with the remainder
being about half networking and haf "misc" (core kernel, header files,
XFS, arch updates).

Go forth and test,