Linux 4.12 rc5

Oh well, the "all the rc's have been nice and small this release round" thing definitely didn't continue all the way.

It's not like rc5 is *huge*, but it definitely isn't the nice and
small one I was hoping for. There's nothing in partiocular that looks
very worrisome, and it may well just be random timing - the rc sizes
do fluctuate a lot depending on just which subsystem gets synced up
that particular rc, and we may just have hit that "everybody happened
to sync up this week" case.

Anyway, rc5 is our biggest rc this release (obviously not counting
rc1, which contains all of the the merge window). And it definitely
does have stuff all over: we've got driver updates (gpu, networking,
scsi, block layer and sound are the biggest, but there's stuff all
over), we've got arch updates (arm[64], powerpc, sparc, x86), and
we've got filesystems (btrfs, ext4, and unusually several ufs fixes
thanks to recent bug reporting activity).

But we _also_ have various documentation yupdates, generic networking,
some key handling fixes, and perf and kvm fixes.

So it really isn't one thing, it's just a lot of different small stuff.

And it's not like it's actually unreasonably big, it mainly stands out
because the 4.12 release cycle so far has been fairly calm.

Anyway, I really hope this was just a random timing fluke. Partly I
hope that because of just general wishes for releases to calm down,
but in particular I will be traveling the next week+, and while I'll
have internet and my trusty laptop, I was hoping that things would be
calm while I'm off gallivanting around the world.

Of course, maybe it will be extra calm exactly _because_ people got
their patches out of the way. I can hope.

Anyway, go out and test,


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