Linux 4.14 rc4

Another week, another -rc.

This release does seem to continue to be more active in the rc's than
usual, but it actually feels like it's calming down. So rc4 is larger
than an rc4 release usually is (about 400 non-merge commits, when
usually at this stage we should be at ~300), but at the same time it
feels fairly normal. There was the watchdog merge that I already
mentioned in the rc3 release, but other than that it looks much more
like a normal rc than rc3 did, for example.

In particular, ignoring that core watchdog thing, it's the usual
"mostly drivers and arch updates". This time most of the arch updates
(by far) are arm, and the driver5s are dominated by networking, but
there's other stuff in there too (USB, MMC, HID..). And then the usual
random stuff elsewhere.

The good news is that the diffstat is pretty flat - ie the changes are
pretty small. The exception is that core watchdog thing, and some
stm32 dts-file reorg.

So I do have some hope that things are approaching normal. I'd expect
that to continue, and things start calming down. If rc5 doesn't show
noticeable signs of that calming down, I suspect we'll have to start
thinking about rc8 etc, but we'll see The kernel summit is
approaching, so people will be traveling later in the release cycle.
We'll see how that affects things too.

Anyway, shortlog appended, go out and test,