Linux 4.14 rc7

Back home, and back to the normal Sunday afternoon release schedule.

And rc7 is also normal in size - in fact looking at statistics for the
4.x rc7 releases, this is pretty much right smack the median size. It
even looked smaller than usual right up until the network fixes merge

Still, considering the issues we've had, I likely will do an rc8
unless this upcoming week ends up being _so_ quiet that there's no
point. Which while unlikely would be lovely - if I end up doing an
rc8, that will also push the latter half of the next merge window into
the Thanksgiving week, which is going to be inconvenient since I'll be
traveling again. So I'd really be very happy if things now suddenly
calm down to the point where an rc8 wouldn't make sense.

I can wish.

But I'll release 4.14 when it feels ready ready, not when convenient.

Anyway, go out and test. The appended shortlog is small enough to
easily scan - there's a couple of reverts, and random stuff all over
(with networking being perhaps the most noticeable, but there's
filesystem, drivers, architecture..)