Linux 4.15 rc3

Another week, another rc.

I’m not thrilled about how big the early 4.15 rc’s are, but rc3 is
often the biggest rc because it’s still fairly early in the
calming-down period, and yet people have had some time to start
finding problems. That said, this rc3 is big even by rc3 standards.
Not good.

Most of the changes by far are drivers (with a big chunk of it being
just syntactic changes for some doc warnings) with some perf tooling
updates also being noticeable. But there are changes all over: core
kernel and networking, kvm, arch updates and Documentation.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that things are really starting to calm down now.

Also, there’s a known issue with x86 32-bit suspend/resume that I just
didn’t get a good patch for in time for this rc. Soon.

Shortlog appended.