Linux 4.16 rc1

Two weeks have passed, -rc1 is out there, and the merge window is thus over.

I don't want to jinx anything, but things certainly look a lot better
than with 4.15. We have no (known) nasty surprises pending, and there
were no huge issues during the merge window. Fingers crossed that this
stays fairly calm and sane.

As usual, I'm only appending my mergelog, because while this is not
shaping up to be a particularly huge release, none of our recent
releases have been small enough to describe with the shortlogs I use
for later rc's.

The actual diff is dominated by drivers, and once again the GPU
patches stand out - this time some AMD GPU header files. Happily, this
time the bulk of those lines is actually *removal* due to cleanups and
getting rid of some unused headers.

But there really is changes all over. Drivers may be the bulk (GPU,
networking, staging, media, sound, infiniband, scsi and misc smaller
subsystems), but we have a fair amount of arch updates (spectre and
meltdown fixes for non-x86 architectures, but also some further x86
work, and just general arch updates). And there's networking,
filesystem updates, documentation, tooling..

There's a little bit for everybody, in other words.

Go out and test,


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