Linux 4.16 Released

So the take from final week of the 4.16 release looks a lot like rc7,
in that about half of it is networking. If it wasn't for that, it
would all be very small and calm.

We had a number of fixes and cleanups elsewhere, but none of it made
me go "uhhuh, better let this soak for another week". And davem didn't
think the networking was a reason to delay the release, so I'm not.

End result: 4.16 is out, and the merge window for 4.17 is open and
I'll start doing pull requests tomorrow.

Outside of networking, most of the last week was various arch fixlets
(powerpc, arm, x86, arm64), some driver fixes (mainly scsi and rdma)
and misc other noise (documentation, vm, perf).

The appended shortlog gives an overview of the details (again, this is
only the small stuff in the last week, if you want the full 4.16
changelog you'd better get the git tree and filter by your area of