Linux 4.2 rc7

So for most releases these days, rc7 is our last rc, and next week
would be the final 4.2 release. But this time around, I still haven't
quite made up my mind. At rc5 release time, I worried about a few
remaining issues. Then, last Sunday at rc6 I was feeling pretty good
about things. And now we've had another week, and we had some more
fallout from the low-level x86 entry code rewrites, and I just don't

So this may be the last RC, and it might not be. It will depend on
whether anything more comes up next week, and how good I feel about
things come next Sunday. A part of me is convinced that all the odd
32-bit compat issues etc fallout is finally fixed, but a part of me is
still a bit leery.

But on the whole, things have been fairly good. It's a pretty small
rc, with fairly normal statistics. 70% drivers (networking, ntb, xen,
md, gpu), with the rest being mostly some architecture updates and
some non-driver networking updates. The appended shortlog gives the
usual details - most of it is really pretty small.

So a release next week is definitely still possible.


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