Linux 4.20 rc5

Hmm.. I'd like to say it was a normal week, but I'd be lying. rc5 is
the biggest rc so far (with the obvious exception of rc1), and it
looks fairly unusual in the diffstat too, with almost a third being
arch updates. Yes, another third is drivers (normal), but even there
almost half is in sound. The rest is tooling, mm, core networking and
some fs updates.

So it all looks a bit odd, although none of it is hugely _alarming_.
One of the reasons the arch side is a bit bigger than usual at this
stage is that we got the STIPB performance regression sorted out, for

But rc5 being somewhat bigger than you'd like is a good reason to look
at the timing for rest of the rc's. In particular, counting forward
the usual three weeks, and you the calendar lights up with the
holidays at around the time I'd expect to do a final 4.20 release. I
certainly don't want to do a merge window during the holidays, so
we'll have to see how this goes. But I'll be traveling the latter
half of January, so I don't want to delay the merge window too late

But I also don't want to have people do their final prep for the next
merge window over the holidays, and then open the merge window right
after. That likely just messes with all the submaintainers instead.

So my current suggestion is that we plan on a Christmas release,
everybody gets their pull requests for the next merge window done
*before* the holidays, and then we see what happens. I think we all
want to have a calm holiday season without either the stress of a
merge window _or_ the stress of prepping for one..

Of course, if it doesn't calm down after this rc, that can force my
hand and I may just have to delay the release regardless. But people
can get their ducks lined up for the next release before xmas