Linux 4.3 rc7

So it may still be Saturday at home, but with the Kernel Summit in
Korea coming up, I'm ahead of the curve in a +0900 timezone, and it's
Sunday here. So it's release day.

This rc breaks the "nicely shrinking and calming down" trend, largely
due to the fact that we had the networking fixes merged in rc7 (but
not in rc6). There's also a few other slightly larger pulls (ARM SoC
fixes, along with gpu, block layer and media fixes), and obviously all
the usual misc driver fixes etc. But the networking changes is what
makes it look a bit different from the previous rc.

And despite that slight increase in size, nothing looks particularly
worrisome, and this release cycle still seems to be going smoothly. As
already alluded to, next week is kernel summit, and with a lot of the
core maintainers being busy in Seoul, I'm assuming things stay calm
and unless anything odd happens, I'll do the final 4.3 next Sunday
(back in my usual timezone by then).

Shortlog appended for people who want to peruse the details.