Linux 4.4 rc1

As usual, the full shortlog is much too big to post, so appended is
the usual shortlog of just my merges, which just shows who I did pulls
from, with a very short comment on each merge.

Just looking at the patch itself, things look fairly normal at a high
level, possibly a bit more driver-heavy than usual with about 75% of
the patch being drivers, and 10% being architecture updates. The
remaining 15% is documentation, filesystem, core networking (as
opposed to network drivers), tooling and some core infrastructure.

The driver changes are all over, although staging, networking and GPU
drivers stand out (and those three areas account for over half of the
driver changes - roughly 40% of the whole patch).

On the architecture side, ARM (when counting both 32-bit and 64-bit)
accounts for about half the changes, with x86, powerpc, mips, chris
and s390 accounting for the other half.

Go out and test.