Linux 4.4 rc2

Things are looking fairly normal in 4.4-land, with no huge surprises
in rc2. There were a couple of late features: parisc hugepage support
and some late slub bulk allocator patches were not only merged at the
end of the week, but they strictly speaking should have been merge
window things.

But the bulk allocator isn't actually _used_ in tree yet, and so the
updates on that front are about upcoming use rather than something
that can regress. And parisc I can't find it in myself to worry too
much about: I happily challenge any parisc user to prove me wrong and
show how the new feature causes a regression. "Come at me, parisc

The bulk of the changes since rc1 (by far) are in drivers (roughly 70%
of the patch - network and gpu drivers being the bulk of it) with
architecture updates (12%, with parisc and s390 being the two biggest
updates) and core networking (8%) being most of the rest. The final
10% is spread out, with fs, mm, and perf tooling being most of it.

Shortlog appended, you can get kind of a flavor of what has been going
on from that. I can't really say that anything in particular stands
out in there.

Please go out and test,