Linux 4.4 rc3

I was out most of today, so this is a few hours later than usual, but
there it is, the normal weekly rc. "Steady progress towards 4.4".

The changes look fairly normal: just under 60% driver updates (of
which almost half is GPU updates, this time mainly skewed due to some
nouveau firmware update patches), about 25% arch updates (mostly
arm[64], but some changes in x86, s390, powerpc, nios, mips, m68k,
arc..), and about 10% filesystem updates (mostly btrfs and nfs). With
the rest being "misc" (mainly header files).

The appended shortlog gives some overview of the details. I don't
think there's anything particularly exciting, although that obviously
depends on whether some particular issue ended up affecting you or
not. Most of it is pretty tiny random fixups.