Linux 4.7 rc7

We've had a nicely calm week, which is what I expected - the last rc
really was bigger just due to random timing issues, and not some
worrying pattern about this release cycle. Whew.

Anyway, there's a couple of regressions still being looked at, but
unless anything odd happens, this is going to be the last rc. However,
due to my travel schedule, I won't be doing the final 4.7 next
weekend, and people will have two weeks to report (and fix) any
remaining bugs.

Yeah, that's the ticket. My travel schedule isn't screwing anything
up, instead think of it as you guys getting a BONUS WEEK! Yay!

Ok, my travel schedule probably _is_ screwing somebody's plans up, for
which I apologize in advance. And hey, even that planned delay could
obviously change, if somebody finds some real killer bug. But it
doesn't look all that likely, considering that this hasn't been a
particularly big or scary release cycle.

But do go out and test. The appended shortlog gives the details on the
preceding calm week, but the overview is very normal: two thirds
drivers (networking, sound, gpio, misc), with the rest being pretty
evenly split between arch fixes and "misc" (in this case mostly core
kernel, networking, and ecryptfs). But all of it is pretty small.