Linux 4.8 rc1

It's been two weeks, and the merge window for 4.8 is thus closed.

Due to travel last week, I actually still have a few pull requests
pending in my inbox that I just wanted to take another look at before
merging, but the large bulk of the merge window material has been
merged, and I wanted to make sure there aren't any new ones coming in.

This seems to be building up to be one of the bigger releases lately,
but let's see how it all ends up. The merge window has been fairly
normal, although the patch itself looks somewhat unusual: over 20% of
the patch is documentation updates, due to conversion of the drm and
media documentation from docbook to the Sphinx doc format. There are
other doc updates, but that's the big bulk of it.

If you ignore the documentation format change, things look fairly
regular, with about 60% of the non-documentation diffs being drivers
(gpu, networking, media, sound, etc) and about 15% being arch updates
(arm, powerpc and x86 dominate, but there's mips and s390 too).

The rest is spread out - core networking, tooling (mainly perf),
include files, core kernel, vfs and low-level filesystems (xfs stands
out). Few areas escaped:

10787 files changed, 612208 insertions(+), 272098 deletions(-)

Go out and test. The diffs and logs are too big to post, so as usual
for rc1, I'm just appending my "merge log" for a very high-level view.