Linux 4.8 rc5

So rc5 is noticeably bigger than rc4 was, and my hope last week that
we were starting to calm down and shrink the releases seems to have
been premature.

That said, most of the diffstat looks fairly flat (which tends to
imply lots of small trivial changes rather than big invasive ones).
There's some stuff going on in the mellanox mlx5 network driver, and
there is some nfs and overlayfs noise, but on the whole it just looks
like a lot of small fixes. It may be _more_ of those small fixes than
I'd prefer at this stage, but I suspect what happened was that rc4
looked so nice and small simply because some of the fixes ended up
being delayed until rc5.

Not that any of this looks worrisome per se, but if things don't start
calming down from now, this may be one of those releases that will
need an rc8. We'll see.

[ That said, looking at the stats of the individual commits, it all
looks pretty small and simple - there's just more of them than I would
have wished for ]

The shortlog is appended for those who want to get a feel for the
kinds of details that happened.