Linux 5.10 rc7

Things look pretty good (knock wood), and  rc7 is solidly in the
average size department, with nothing that looks particularly scary.

There's patches all over: drivers, architectures, networking.
filesystems, mm, tooling, etc. But most of it is pretty small. The
exceptions are a revert of a new virtio MEI driver that wasn't quite
ready, some changes to the IBM vnic driver, and some arm64 entry code
fixes. But those don't feel particularly worrisome, and the rest all
looks normal.

So unless something odd and bad happens next week, we'll have a final
5.10 release next weekend, and then we'll get the bulk of the merge
window for 5.11 over and done with before the holiday season starts.

And in the meantime, please do give this all a whirl,