Linux 5.11 rc2

Ok, let's be honest - not a lot has happened in the last week or two.

The merge window itself may not have been hugely impacted by the
holiday season, but that's because all the new code should already
have been ready before the merge window even opened, so the holidays
just didn't end up affecting things all that much.

But people have (rightly) mostly been offline since, presumably
over-eating and doing all the other traditional holiday things. And
just generally not being hugely active. That very much shows in a tiny
rc2 release.

I expect next week to slowly start ramping up fixes, but I know some
people are still on vacation or just in an extended food coma, and
there's a delay from testing to fixes, so we'll see. Maybe rc3 ends up
being fairly small too.

It's much too early to say whether this will then end up causing some
delays in the final release - it's possible, but with 5.11 not being a
particularly big release maybe it doesn't even matter that we had a
fairly quiet week or two in the early rc series.

Anyway, for whatever reasons, the few fixes we _do_ have in rc2 tend
to be mostly in SCSI and block devices. But there's a random
smattering of other things too. For once, the shortlog is so small
that you might as well just read it.

Time to slowly crawl out from under all the xmas wrapping paper piles
and go test...