Linux 5.2 RELEASED !

So I was somewhat pre-disposed towards making an rc8, simply because
of my travels and being entirely off the internet for a few days last
week, and with spotty internet for a few days before that [*].

But there really doesn't seem to be any reason for another rc, since
it's been very quiet. Yes, I had a few pull requests since rc7, but
they were all small, and I had many more that are for the upcoming
merge window. Part of it may be due to the July 4th week, of course,
but whatever - I'll take the quiet week as a good sign.

So despite a fairly late core revert, I don't see any real reason for
another week of rc, and so we have a v5.2 with the normal release

There's no particular area that stands out there - the changes are so
small that the sppended shortlog really is the best description of
last week. A few small random changes all over: drivers,
architectures, filesystem, mm, ...

So with this, the merge window for 5.2 is open.