Linux 5.4 rc6

Back from travels, and (knock wood) with not a lot of jetlag. So doing
the rc release the usual Sunday afternoon in the normal timezone for a

I wish I could say things were calming down, but they aren't. This
week, the main culprit is networking - just about exactly half the
patch (and almost half the commits) is networking-related, either
drivers, core networking, or documentation.

That's not because of some sudden influx of networking issues, it's
just the usual timing thing - rc5 didn't get any networking pull at
all, so rc6 has two weeks worth of networking fixes in it.

But it does mean that we're not seeing the slowdown that I tend to
expect by this time (well, maybe "wish for" is closer than "expect" -
I guess it's more the norm than the exception that rc6 is larger than
I would wish for in a perfect world.. ;^)

There's no particular area or outstanding issue that is worrisome, but
if things don't calm down this week, I suspect we'll be looking at one
of those releases when we have an rc8. We'll see how things evolve
here over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, outside of the networking changes, it's all the usual stuff:
almost two thirds drivers (all over: gpu, hid, usb, rdma, sound,
dmaengine, acpi..). With the rest being misc arch updates (risc-v,
arm64, x86) and filesystem and core kernel fixlets.

Shortlog appended, easy to scroll through.

Go test, there's nothing scary in here,