Linux 5.4 rc7

Another week, another rc.   Nothing looks all that scary, but we
definitely do have more changes than I would wish for.

In terms of pure lines of code, we have the new 'vboxsf' staging
driver, but ignoring that (and you should) everything looks normal.
Except we've got closer to 300 non-merge commits, and I really wish we
didn't have that many.

It's all over the place - about 55% is drivers (and that's ignoring
the vboxsf thing), the rest is networking, misc filesystem fixes
(octfs2, btrfs, ceph), arch updates (x86, arm64), tooling fixes, and
some core kernel and vm fixes.

Nothing looks _bad_, but there is too much of it.

So I'm leaning towards an rc8 being likely next weekend due to that,
but I won't make a final decision yet. We'll see.

Last time around, v5.3-rc7 was even bigger. We did do an rc8 for that
one (although there were other reasons for that rc8).

We'll see how this week goes and how I feel about it next Sunday.
Maybe I'll feel like there's no reason to do an rc8 at that point.

But it would be lovely if you all went out and kicked the tires and
tested it all out..