Linux 5.4 Released

Not a lot happened this last week, which is just how I like it. And as
expected, most of the pull requests I got were for the 5.5 merge
window, which I'll obviously start working through tomorrow.

What little there is here is mostly some networking updates (mix of
network drivers and core networking), and some minor GPU driver
updates. Other than that it's a small collection of random other
things all over. The appended shortlog is small enough that you might
as well just scroll through it.

Anyway, this obviously opens the merge window for 5.5. It's not ideal
timing with Thanksgiving week coming up, but it hopefully shouldn't be
too much of an issue. If I fall behind (not because I'm all that big
of a fan of the indiscriminate and relentless turkey-killing holiday)
it's because we've got all three kids back for the holiday, and I
might push some ot the merging to the second week as a result. We'll
see what happens.

Go do the testing thing.