Linux 5.5 rc3

A normal rc release schedule, delayed perhaps a couple of hours by
xmas preparations on my side.

But the Christmas prep doesn't seem to have (yet) impacted the actual
development - it's bigger than rc2 was. Of course, "rc3 is bigger than
rc2" is almost always true, but this time it's quite a bit bigger, and
just looking at commit counts, this is one of the bigger rc3's we've
had in quite a while.

I'm going to assume it's just the usual fluctuation due to timing of
pull requests - we certainly have a bit of everything in there in rc3.
The diffstat is pretty much all obver the place, with drivers (net,
gpu, sound, pinctrl, usb, etc) only just edging out all the tooling
changes (selftest additions and perf).

But there's filesystems (xfs and btrfs and some core fixes too),
there's core networking and arch updates, and there's doc updates etc.
Just the shortlog is a thousand lines - still barely small enough to
be included here, but it's a slog to scroll through if you want to
really see an overview of all the details.

Anyway, I'm hoping rc3 is a one-off. In fact, with the holiday season
coming up, I'd be very surprised indeed if it wasn't. So I suspect
things will calm down a lot over the next coupld of weeks, but please
do use the down-time to do some extra testing instead, ok?


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