Linux 5.7 rc3

The kernel development world continues to look fairly normal: rc3 is

larger than rc2 was, but that's the usual pattern where rc2 is a
"breather release" after the merge window, and rc3 sees an uptick.

And looking at commit stats and the size of the changes, we're pretty
much at the slightly larger end of average for rc3 when comparing the
5.x releases. The diffstat also looks fairly nice and flat, with
nothing that stands out or looks scary (the biggest single diff is to
the pm-graph "sleepgraph" python script, which I just can't find it in
myself to worry about).

So there's basically the usual number of generally small fixes. All good.

Most of the changes are drivers (sound and networking standing out,
but there's usb, tty iio, gpu and the usual smattering elsewhere),
with tooling being fairly noticeable too (largely due to that pm-graph

Outside of drivers and tooling, it's fairly spread out: arch updates
(x86 dominates, but there's mips, arm, sh and powerpc too), core
networking fixes, Documentation (well, mostly devicetree bindings,
actually), filesystems (cifs, exfat and afs) and core kernel and mm,
and header files.

Again, that all looks very normal and very much "nothing really odd
stands out".

In a world gone mad, the kernel looks almost boringly regular.

Which is just how I like it. Thanks, guys and gals,