Linux 5.9 rc8

So things have been pretty calm, and rc8 is fairly small. I'm still
waiting for a networking pull with some fixes, so it's not like I
could have made a final 5.9 release even if I had wanted to, but there
was nothing scary going on this past week, and it all feels ready for
a final 5.9 next weekend.

In fact, a lot of the emails I'm seeing are about the next merge
window, and I already have one pull request ready to go, which is all
good. That's how it's all supposed to work.

Anyway, the changes in rc8 are mostly driver fixlets, with some AMD
GPU header file updates being a fairly noticeable part of the patch.
That's not some scary big change - it' just the usual register
definition update (and much smaller than the wholesale big ones we've

Outside of the driver stuff, we do have a few filesystem fixes (btrfs
and nfs), and a couple of core fixes (tiny fallout from the VM
changes, but also a pipe splice race fixlet for stable and a couple of
epoll fixes). And slime other small noise (small arch and DT fixes).
Quite a small diffstat overall - which it obviously should be this
late in the release.

One final push for testing this week,