Linux.com: A Look Ahead

“Linux is an ever-evolving operating system, and the
applications and utilities that help to make Linux what it is are
also in a constant state of advancement. The Linux kernel is in
constant development, with hackers adding new features, fixing bugs
and security issues, and enhancing performance. Applications like
Apache, Samba, and window managers are equally challenged with
offering more flexible, stable and optimized versions on a nearly
constant basis. All of this development makes it somewhat
difficult to keep track of this ever-changing landscape, so here we
will look ahead to what is on the horizon.

“Window managers are the heart and soul of a computer for many
individuals as these applications take computers out of the
“cryptic” command line and into the world of “point-and-click.” The
sheer number of window managers currently available for Linux is
quite amazing when you compare Linux to the likes of Windows and
the Macintosh. This variety allows users to choose the look and
feel that they find most comfortable and desirable. Unfortunately,
all of this variety still seems to have missed the mark for many
novice computer users. Projects such as KDE and GNOME have made
great strides in simplifying the Linux desktop; however, Eazel
hopes to make the “quantum leap” that will generally solve the
issue of desktop complexity for novice users.”

“Eazel was founded by a group of former Apple employees. This
group of individuals brought us the completely revolutionary
Macintosh Graphical User Interface in the mid-1980s, and has now
set their sights on making history repeat itself on the Linux side
of things. This is one of the projects to watch in the future and
see just what develops.”


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