Linux.com: Call to Arms: Why the Battle is So Important

[ Thanks to Jeff Alami
for this link. ]

“A new contender, Linux, is entering the ring. Once again, the
mainstream press calls Linux a ‘Windows-killer.’ They say it’s
popular. They say it’s growing. They say it has the backing of
important industry figures. To an extent, the press pundits are
correct. Most Linux users will agree that it is a stable, secure,
and high-performance operating system. Well-known corporations
including Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and SGI are backing the
platform; practically everyone except for Microsoft is falling head
over heels for Linux. In the eyes of many industry watchers, Linux
is poised to take at least some market share away from

“But why do we incessantly plug Linux as the David against
Windows’ Goliath? Why the term ‘Windows-killer?’ Why do we
visualise the OS marketplace as a gory battlefield, with a call to
arms from the Linux camp? Why is the battle so important?”

“Linux is primarily fueled by the work of thousands of
developers worldwide who are coding away with no interest in money
or conflict. The goal is to create good-quality, useful software
and to share it with other users. But without knowing (or caring),
they are essentially becoming the arms providers for the the Linux
and Open Source side of the operating system wars. For the people
who fight these wars, the battle is oh so very important.”