Linux.com: FreeCiv Review

FreeCiv is a simulation game based on the same general
concept as Civilization II. The current version is 1.10.0 (released
February 21, 2000) and what a version! FreeCiv supports single and
multi-player games, well done graphics and a complex rule

“The hardest thing I found was getting the game up and running.
There is ample documentation but there is not one document to
answer all your questions or to get you up and running quickly. The
included README has instructions on how to start the client and
server but the game is very complex and not very intuitive. You ARE
running a country you know :)…”

“Much like other games with multi-player support, you need to
start a dedicated server and then connect to it by starting a
client. FreeCiv starts you out with a small patch of land on an
island. You can see nothing of the island until you explore it. At
your command are two bands of settlers and an explorer.”