Linux.com: GPL Passes Acid Test in German Court

“In a landmark victory for the GPL license, a civil court in
Germany has ruled against D-Link Germany GmbH for violating the
terms of the most popular free software license. The lawsuit was
filed by Harald Welte, a respected Linux hacker who tracks and
eliminates illegal use of software protected by the GPL through his
gpl-violations.org project. In a brief email exchange, Welte
explains the nature of the violation and how he went about
collecting evidence.

“‘It was a very straight-forward case,’ says Welte, describing
how D-Link used the Linux kernel and other (L)GPL licensed software
in their D-GSM600 NAS product without including a copy of the
license text, the full corresponding source code or a written offer
on how to obtain it. In the last 2.5 years, Welte has discovered
over 100 instances of such violations…”


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