Linux.com: KDE: Konspiracy, Kalumny, Konsternation?

A few important things the KDE team and its advocates
should realize, however, is that although GNOME is now considered
by many to be “the default desktop,” that really doesn’t mean
Consider that we still have the ultimate choice in
what software powers our desktop.”

“There is no anti-KDE conspiracy brewing; at least none with
actual conspiracy coordination. I don’t like KDE, and never have.
It’s not because I dislike the language or licensing (although the
more I think about it, the less sense it makes), it’s because I
don’t like the feel of the environment. If that’s a result of the
Qt widget set as I’ll wager it is, then in order to fully win me
over as a KDE user, Qt must be evolved out of the environment.”

“Some conspiracy theorists have speculated (not altogether
quietly) that the favoritism being shown the GNOME Foundation is
mostly as a result of the fact that KDE is primarily maintained by
Europeans, while GNOME is born in the USA. As an impartial
journalist, let me tell you that I had no idea that KDE was from
Europe until reading it there. I didn’t know it then, and I don’t
care about it now. I will use whatever software allows me to work
comfortably and in a productive manner.”


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