Linux.com: Linux on the Desktop

Is Linux ready to hack it on the desktop? This is a
question that seems to be drawing a lot of focus lately.

Everyone in the Information Systems world knows what Linux is, and
how it has recently been making waves as an affordable, stable, and
reliable server side operating system. This is very true. Linux
however has always been viewed as a “geek’s” operating system
requiring a high level of technical understanding. This however is
very untrue thanks to the ongoing development effort of several
popular projects.”

“Linux gets its high level of stability from its Unix
background. Linux is based on the Unix operating system, which had
been under non-stop development and improvement for quite literally
decades now. This constant development has produced what is
arguably the most stable operating system in the world today.
Unfortunately, this foundation upon Unix has also brought to Linux
a very high level of complexity. This complexity has, in the past,
not been hidden from the user which is extremely intimidating for
the uninitiated. Recently however, numerous Open Source projects
have taken aim at this very issue.”