Linux.com: Microsoft: Who Cares?

The recent announcement of Gates’ resignation as the CEO of
Microsoft, and the subsequent flood of articles from several
different sources promptly published on Linux Today and several
other Linux-related sites, tends to bring to mind a single, plain
question: who really cares?

“What, if any, bearing does this week’s “Microsoft Interesting
News Item” have to do with Linux? Why do we fundamentally care
about the Outlook exploit-of-the-week, why do we care about how
much IE sucks or doesn’t suck? Why do we care if Microsoft’s stock
price rockets, making its investors rich, or drops like a stone?
Why do we now care about Windows’ market share?…”

“But enough stupid rhetoric. The answer should be obvious:
Windows and Microsoft is Linux’s perceived competitor. It is nearly
impossible in the news media today to see Microsoft mentioned in a
sentence without seeing the word “Linux” also mentioned, usually
within a paragraph or two. Windows and Linux are competing on a few
fronts, to varying degrees: developer and company mindshare,
Internet servers, embedded devices, desktop machines, and so