Linux.com: Software That Linux Needs

“Linux has a plethora of outstanding software already available.
On the server side we have the world’s most popular Web server,
software enabling file and print services to every major platform,
and some of the most respected database products on the market.
Linux also touts some wonderful desktop applications such as the
GIMP, various capable office suites like StarOffice and ApplixWare,
and one of the world’s top web browsers, Netscape. All of this
great software, yet Linux is still missing some key products which
it needs to further it’s penetration not only as a corporate
desktop, but also as a home user operating system.”

“First of all, let’s look at what is probably the most popular
desktop application for both home and business, Microsoft Office. I
understand that this is somewhat a taboo subject in the Linux
world, but the simple fact is that MS Office is the world’s most
popular office suite…”

“Other business applications that seem to be lacking on Linux,
for the most part, seem to be well on the way to being