Linux.com: SourceForge News and Updates

SourceForge is proud to pioneer a new level in software
categorization and searching. There are many things to come, but in
the initial implementation
, SourceForge projects will have the
opportunity to categorize themselves in a variety of ways,
increasing viewability to end users and developers looking for your

“Many extremely talented people have been working on a better
software archiving system for almost two years, in a project called
‘Trove’. You can read some about the initial design specifications
and goals for Trove at http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/trove/. This
category implementation is one step in reaching many of these
goals. Thanks to all the people who spent time on this project and
provided us with a reference software tree….”

“SourceForge has rolled out another tool to aid in communication
with your users over technical support issues. The support manager
allows users to submit support requests for assignment, tracking,
and resolution by your project staff. Now you can support end users
and developers at the same site.”