Linux.com: Surfing Kernel Code

“Even though everyone knows the Linux kernel is “free software”,
and that the source is open, most beginner and even mid-level Linux
users usually don’t take time to read the source. This article will
give a couple tips and interesting high points to check out, as
well as give you a small taste of the wealth of information
embedded in the kernel, even if you aren’t a C or ASM

“For someone who’s never looked through the source, 145
megabytes of compressed C and assembly sounds daunting. However, it
is easy to see why Linus has maintained his benevolent dictatorship
over the kernel. All the source is wonderfully organized into
modules and directories, which makes things easy to find and

“The first directory everyone should be familiar with is
Documentation. There is a wealth of simple text files with
information on everything from how Linus wants code submitted, to
writing device drivers for the Amiga’s Zorro bus. If you are a
coder or plan to learn to code someday, start with Linus’
CodingStyle file. If you aren’t a coder, read it anyway for an
interesting glimpse into the mind of Linus Torvalds. It is probably
possible write a pulp psychology book on analyzing programmers
through their coding styles, and this is no different.”


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