Linux.com: The Ailing Lizard?

Linux, Apache, and FreeBSD are often cited as examples of
successful examples of free software projects. Mozilla is not, but
I think its reputation as a failure is undeserved.
today’s departure of Mozilla’s “International Incident” (yes, that
is his official title), Mike Shaver, from AOL, we may soon be
hearing once again that Mozilla is doomed.”

“Mike had been working with the Mozilla group as part of his
work in the JavaScript group until around March of 1999, when he
became a full-time member of the Mozilla team. At that point, a
small but growing number of people in the free software community
were starting to question Mozilla’s “success”, perhaps prematurely.
While the press was just starting to catch on to this, Mike says
that they still were touting the open standards (not to mention
open source) philosophy of the project, with a few exceptions.”