Linux.com: The Death Penalty [for MS]

“In the spirit of enlightened compromise, many people suggest
nice, neat, idealistic penalties to the Microsoft problem… The
problem with compromises, however, is that they arise out of
extreme positions. When reasonable people negotiate, and start with
a compromise, they end up getting negotiated into a solution that
is far more favourable to the extremist position. Already Microsoft
is seeking to barter that solution down.”

“Forget breaking up this company. Render it to raw
materials. Seize its assets, hold it in trust for its employees and
shareholders and sell it off, using the proceeds to fund the
development of free software.
Freely license the Windows
source code to any of a thousand takers, and let the operating
system fragment, diverge, and grow into a thousand niches.”

“In short, completely destroy Microsoft as a corporate entity in
its current form. Apply the death penalty.”


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