Linux.com: The Linux Newbie HOWNOTTO

So you want to be a Linux user, huh? By just installing
Linux on your box, you are instantly granted access to an
international fraternity of users that are just itching to change
the face of modern computing.

“Linux will become your new religion; this is your win32
afterlife. There is no need for a bible, or any manual at all.
Linux users don’t have time or use for documentation. However, here
is a simple HOWTO of basic guidelines for getting the most out of
your Linux experience. Remember that you are not just installing an
operating system: you are recompiling your lifestyle.”

“Before we get started, you’ll need to choose a distribution.
Unlike “that other operating system,” there are many flavors of
Linux. All have different focuses and benefits. For example,
Stampede Linux concentrates on optimizing all its applications for
Pentium class processors, whereas TurboLinux tries to focus on the
Asian markets. Mandrake Linux focuses on robbing Red Hat Linux
blind, and LinuxOne focuses on robbing Mandrake Linux blind.
Slackware is designed specifically for users that were mistreated
in their formative years. Basically, distributions find their niche
and fill it nicely.”


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