Linux.com: Transition

“The Year 2000 paranoia is now safely behind us, and the year
register in our brain has been incremented by one. So far, things
are dandy. Normally, I’d write a glowing article on the future
of Linux and free software, but I’m visiting family who are trapped
with a legacy 90’s OS. It is difficult to focus on anything
positive while trying to write a Linux.com article with a broken

“I have been safely tucked away in my little Linux universe for
so long I’d forgotten how the other half of computing lives. Like
an English gentleman lost in the squalor of a London slum, I gaze
about the alleys at the children who’ve grown up underfed,
undernourished and uneducated. It isn’t their fault they are
ignorant of anything better. After all, they’ve done their best
with what they have. With a little help, something better could be
within reach of everyone.”

“This year, Linux companies will start to get serious about
bringing over the tired, poor, huddled masses away from their
oppressed legacy environments. Much has happened to pave the way
for them. KDE and GNOME have destroyed some of the old UNIX myths,
but there is still much to be done before immigration is easy and