Linux Distro Wars: Is it time to shut up and make nice?

Today in Open Source: Time for the distro wars to end? Plus: Ubuntu’s Edge, and Android 4.3 …the distro wars are largely pointless now. In fact, I’d make the argument that they are the complete opposite of what Linux is all about anyway. The single best thing about Linux for me is that it offers a huge range of choices for all users. If you want a huge, maximalist distro like Ultimate Edition, you can use it. If you prefer a tiny, minimalist distro like CrunchBang then you can use. And you can choose from lots of other distros that fall in between these two extremes. The bottom line is that there simply isn’t one distro that fits everybody’s needs or desires. It would be impossible to create such a distro since the Linux user base is so diverse. No matter how talented the developers, some people would not want to use what they managed to create.